Mental health resources for carers – an overview

This program is designed to support carers of people who have a mental illness living in Queensland.

Carers are usually family members and friends who provide support to children or adults who have a mental illness such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or other mental illnesses.

Carers commonly find mental illness and the mental health system confusing; want to hear how others are coping and often wonder if they are doing the right thing.

Who are carers?
Who are carers?
A carer provides unpaid care or support to a person who has a mental illness. This includes family, friends, neighbours. Assistance can be provided by people of all ages; it can be financial, practical or emotional.
Aim of this program
Aim of this program
To help carers:
• recognise that what you are going through is normal, and other carers are on the same journey
• see the bigger picture by exploring the six phases of caring
• reach a place of purposeful coping
• identify key resources and practical support