How to use this program

This program has been designed to be flexible according to your needs as a carer.

It can be worked through in the following ways:

  • you may wish to work through the entire program from start to finish, following the order of the pages as they are listed in each menu;
  • you may wish to identify the Phase of the Carer Journey you are currently at, and start to follow the program from that point; or
  • you may decide to dip in and out of the program, just working through the section/s that is/are appropriate for you at this moment in time.

At certain points in the program, you are asked to reflect on your own experiences. We suggest having a pen and paper handy, or a word processing document open, to record your thoughts and save for later reference.

Finally, there is a comprehensive list of resources listed at the end of the program which offer practical information and guidance about your caring role.