Phase 2 – Confirmation of diagnosis

Phase 2 of the 6 Phases of Caring is confirmation that something is wrong.

A person will enter the mental health system with or without a diagnosis. Once in the system, a diagnosis must be made so that appropriate treatment can be provided.

Common emotions in this phase include denial, sorrow, anger, grief and frustration, as well as hope that the illness can be successfully treated.

It is common for carers to hope that the diagnosis is a mistake.

It is important to remember that family and friends deal with diagnosis and treatment decisions in their own ways. Competing ways of dealing with these emotions can increase tensions in other relationships.

Carers may experience frustrations over confidentiality issues.

Client confidentiality exists to protect a person’s right to privacy. The way in which confidentiality and privacy is handled by service providers impacts on the carer’s ability to support the care recipient.