Phase 4 – Managing

In this phase, the initial crisis is over and you are learning to ‘live’ with the mental illness. You often take on a monitoring role, and you may have a fear of relapse.

The caring role may impact on other relationships (e.g. with family, friends and work) and you may start to feel the accumulation of the effects of caring for a person with a mental illness.

Common emotions in Phase 4 include: fear; anger; frustration; acceptance; hope; grief; worry; love; guilt; denial; jealousy; sadness; and / or respect for the person with the mental illness

Carers may need financial information, respite or treatment for any physical or emotional health issues that arise. Acknowledgement of the caring role and as an individual separate from the role is critical.

Self-care, emotional support, inclusion, and learning new ways of difficult situations are also important carer needs.